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Who are we?

First, we are all volunteers, and we are all passionate about preservation. The Encinitas Preservation Association has no paid staff and relies entirely on the support of the volunteer board of directors and the generosity of the community.


The Directors of the Encinitas Preservation Association

Paul Ecke III,  Board President
 Doug Long,  Vice President

Charlie Sougias, Vice President

Sean Englert Secretary
Dave Agyagos, Fundraising Chair
Tom Cozens, Past President

Rickard Borg, Founding Board Member

Lloyd O’Connell,  Founding Board Member

Twink Bumann, Founding Board Member

Dody Tucker, Founding Board Member

Manuelita Brown, Founding Board Member

Matthew Gelbman, Founding Board Member

Paula Kirpalani, Founding Board Member

Keith Harrison, Founding Board Member

Peder Norby, Founding Board Member

Bart Smith, Founding Board Member

Beverly Goodman Board Member

Kevin Post Board Member

Dorothy Stanley, Founding Board Member (retired from the board)

Rosann Drielsma, Founding Board Member  (retired from the board)

Hil Mercado, Founding Board Member (retired from the board)

A letter to the founders,

Dear Founding Board Members of the Encinitas Preservation Association,

I am proud to announce that we have closed escrow and are now the owners of the Encinitas Boathouses. We hold these Boathouses in the public trust of preservation forever!

This is a path as unique as the Boathouses themselves. We have happily traveled that path together during the last year. Each of you has brought immeasurable skill, including personal and professional contributions to this effort.

I want to recognize the indomitable spirit of Peder Norby, who during the past 18 months, has brought us all together in this inspired quest. The greatest accomplishment is not the acquisition of the Boathouses, but rather the formation of the Encinitas Preservation Association. 

We begin our stewardship of the property with a great deal of work immediately ahead of us. I know with your continued involvement, skills and support, it will get done. 

I truly believe that each and every citizen, today and in the future, will be grateful, for the magnificent effort put forth by you to preserve the Boathouses. Their creative design, and resourceful construction, will be constant reminders of the unique spirit of the five communities that proudly share the name Encinitas.

Congratulations, I am proud to be have served as your first President.

Tom Cozens